Pink Lemonade – Wax Melts

Pink Lemonade – Wax Melts


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Pink LemonadeA sweet, mouthwatering and tart blend of lemon rind, sweet berries and a touch of vanilla. A fantastic blast for spring and summer! I am not sure how it is possible but this actually smells fizzy when melting. Incredible scent throw. Customer feedback is a 10/10 on this one.

Our Wax Melts are made by us at Sage & Bumble. We have spent a long time testing and perfecting our melts to bring you the highest quality and best scent throw possible. We use only Soy & natural wax blends in our highly scented Wax Melts as we feel it is the best option for wax melts, Soy does not release chemicals in to the air, the melting process is much cleaner and the fragrance lasts longer. Our blend is biodegradable and vegan friendly. No animal products are used and no animal testing has been carried out in its manufacture.

The melt comes in a reusable & fully recyclable plastic pot or ECO friendly Glassine bag that is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Scent rating 5 stars. We would give it 8 out of 5!!

Scent rating guide;

Our scent rating is a 1 – 5 star system, 1 star being a soft subtle fragrance and 5 star being a strong fragrance.

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