Wax Melt Price Increase

As many of you will know we have hugely upped our Wax Melt making game in the last 2 years. We have made and tested more melts than I can possibly count, we tried many suppliers until we found what we feel, is the best quality oils and wax. We only use the best ingredients in our melts and I know that this is why we have so many customers returning to stock up on our beautiful melts. We are [...]


What are Wax Melts?

When people come into Sage & Bumble they always say how wonderful it smells, many say that the smell from outside even draws them in. When i tell them it is a Wax Melt that is giving out the amazing fragrance, i am always a little surprised that many do not know what a Wax Melt is. So with this in mind i thought i would let you know what they are. What is a Wax Melt? Wax melts are scented [...]

I'm not sure what number of lockdown we are in, i am not sure we even had Christmas? But hey ho we are back after the break but only open online as the shop is closed...again! Still offering free local delivery and posting out as normal.